Temporary Membership


The Athletics Association of Barbados will permit temporary membership of

  • visiting non-Barbadian athletes to compete in AAB sponsored competitions
  • unregistered Barbadian athletes who do not ordinarily reside in Barbados
  • unregistered  Barbadians  who desire to be registered on a short term basis under the following conditions;
  • the athlete must complete the Temporary Registration Form (TRF) and pay a registration fee of U.S ten dollars (US$10.00) for non- Barbadians and US seven dollars and fifty cents (US$7.50) for citizens.
  • the completed Temporary Registration Form (TRF) form must be submitted at least one (1) week before the first day of the competition in which an athlete wishes to compete.
  • The athlete applying for temporary membership must
    • present evidence showing that he is in “good standing” with his federation/club or school.
    • not be the subject of any disciplinary procedures, bans, anti-doping or any other violations imposed by his club, school, federation, area, the WA or any other related agency.
    • not wear his country’s competition uniform unless he gets the prior written consent of the national federation (of his country).
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