Carifta Selection Criteria 2018

The CARIFTA Games is an annual athletics competition founded by our own Sir Austin Sealy and was first held in 1972 in Barbados. The CARIFTA Games takes its name from the then existing Caribbean Free Trade Agreement. This regional meet is considered one of the best development meets in world athletics and is the stepping stone for many who gain athletics collegiate scholarships and move on to world-class competitions. This year the Games will revert to the original age categories of Under 17 and Under 20 and will be held in the honor of the late Dr. Bernard Nottage, former president of the Bahamas Association of Athletic Associations (BAAA). The junior championships will now be known as the 2018 BJ Nottage Flow CARIFTA Games and will take place in New Providence, Bahamas from March 30th to April 2nd at the Thomas A Robinson National Stadium.

  1. General Information

The 2018 CARIFTA Games team will be confirmed by March 10th, 2018.


Athletes must be Registered Athletes of the AAB in good standing, be Barbadian citizens, and possess current Barbados passports and/or proof of citizenship. In the instance where an athlete resides for an extended period (over a year) in a CARIFTA member country for which he/she does not have citizenship he/she shall be allowed to compete for the country in which he/she resides (***please note this is only for the CARIFTA Games and no other International competition***). Proof of residence must be presented to the CARIFTA organizers.

  • U17 Age Group: athletes born in 2004 or after
  • U20 Age Group: athletes born in 2001 or after
  1. General Selection Principles for the2018 CARIFTA Games

 _ A maximum of two qualifiers for an event may be selected.

_ The “Qualifying Period” to achieve the Standards ends Saturday March 3rd, 2018.

_ To be eligible for selection, athletes must compete at the 2018 Barbados National Junior Championships in the event(s) for which they wish to be considered, except under circumstances outlined in the Exceptions clause.

_ Performances achieved in competitions other than those administered in Barbados, must be supported by a certified copy of the meet results, or proof of the performances from a recognized source.

_ Performances must be achieved in competitions sanctioned by the National Federation in the country in which they were held.

The following performances will not be accepted:

(i) Performances achieved in mixed (including male and female participants) track events.

(ii)  Performances with wind-assistance above the allowable limits.

(iii) Hand-timed performances.

(iv) Performances achieved in relay races.

  • Standard Achievement

 Where more than two athletes in an individual event have achieved the standard during the Qualifying Period the selection will be determined by the top two (2) finishers at the Barbados National Junior Championships.

  1. Exceptions


In the event that an athlete has been granted exemption from competing at the Barbados National Junior Championships (due to injury or illness), or becomes injured or ill after selection, the AAB’s Medical designate and/or the fitness subcommittee will determine the fitness of the athlete to compete at the 2018 CARIFTA Games.

The Selection Committee may include in this team, athletes who in its sole discretion are considered to fulfill an AAB objective.

If there are insufficient numbers of high level athletes individually qualified to form a relay team that will be competitive at the 2018 CARIFTA Games, or if none of the relay team athletes are individually qualified in the specific event (100m for 4 x 100m, 400m for 4 x 400m), the AAB reserves the right not to select a given relay team.